Kramer Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams


   Kramer Allrad (™: KRAMER ALLRAD, pronounced: Kramer Alrad) is a German forklift manufacturer founded in 1994 and part of the Wacker Neuson Group.


The Kramer Allrad GmbH company was founded in 1925 by five Kramer brothers (they originally assembled the tractor for their own needs). Trucks and forklifts began to be produced in the 40s and 50s. In 1957-1958, a department was created for the production of industrial and construction machines. In 1973, the production of tractors was discontinued and the main emphasis in production was placed on compact construction equipment. Since 1987, the company has started producing cars with four-wheel drive. In 1993 the first telescopic loader rolled off the assembly line.


In 2001, Kramer Allrad GmbH merged with Neuson AG. The group adopted the name Neuson Kramer Baumaschinen AG and headquartered in Linz (Austria), and the Kramer Allrad offices in Uberlingen (Germany). In October 2007, Neuson Kramer Baumaschinen AG merged with construction equipment manufacturer Wacker Construction Equipment AG. The headquarters of the combined company Wacker Neuson is located in Munich. Due to the great popularity in the European market, forklifts continue to be distributed under the Kramer Allrad brand, outside Europe, all products for the construction industry are branded Wacker Neuson.


In 2008, a new plant was opened in Pfulendorf (Germany). The company's products are very popular in many countries. The secret of Kramer Allrad's long-term success in the global market lies in its focus on continuous improvement of products and quality of services, customer satisfaction and, thus, raising and strengthening its competitive position. Quality, innovation, partnership and experience are the keys for Kramer Allrad in achieving recognition. Punctuality of deliveries, high quality products, network warranty service are highly appreciated by business partners.


The front loader features versatility, excellent lifting capacity, excellent maneuverability, and it is also very practical. Kramer front-end loaders are successfully used in agriculture and forestry, in the construction of buildings / structures, in road construction, in warehousing for moving goods and in the field of utilities, since you can install various attachments on it (mowers and brush cutters, lifting towers, buckets, forks, irrigation / washing units and brushes, etc.


The various applications of the Kramer loader make it widely known and popular all over the world. This specialized equipment is the best option for both small businesses and large-scale construction sites. Have