Landini Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    Italian company Landini S. p. A. is a well-known manufacturer of agricultural row-crop wheeled and tracked tractors. It is part of the industrial group ARGO Gruppo Industrial along with Laverda, McCormick and others. The company was founded in 1884 by Giovanni Landini. Now the production of Landini tractors is deployed at three factories of the concern in Italy, and the concern's branches are located in Germany, France, South Africa, Canada and the USA.

More than 60 machines of different brands are assembled on the assembly line of the main production. At the same time, production is as automated as possible, the latest technical technologies are used both in the manufacture of parts and in the assembly of tractors. Another feature is the frequent use of robots, especially where the environment and working conditions are harmful to humans.

Landini S. p. A. pays attention to product quality. Each machine that comes off the assembly line undergoes a multi-stage inspection. If the slightest defect is found, the machine is sent for revision. Thus, both in the small and in the main assembly shops, work is proceeding according to a well-functioning, clear scheme.

The warranty for new tractors is 12 months (or 1200 hours).

Landini 5H Series Tractor

The 5-H series combines the best features of the Powerfarm series tractors - cab and wheelbase and Powermondial - a 3-range Poweshift gearbox, transmission, planetary gearboxes and a hydraulic lift. The new restyled hood and new taillights reflect the best Italian tractor design by HIV.


Tractor Landini 7 Series - T3

Wheel formula 4WD. 6-cylinder NEF CR TAA engine with 212 hp Wet multi-plate clutch. Transmission 32 (forward) + 24 (back). Two-speed GDP 540/1000 rpm. Wet brakes (6 discs) with hydraulic drive. Pneumatic driver's seat and additional passenger seat.


Landini Landforce Tractor

The new series is available in cab and platform versions. Its simple and robust design makes this tractor extremely easy to use and maintain. This series can work for many hours without refueling in the field or on the farm. The two Landforce models 115 and 125 are powered by 4.5-liter FPT NEF 4-2V 4-cylinder turbo engines with Tier 3 emissions and 112 hp. and 120 hp. according.


Landini Landpower Tractor

Wheel formula 4WD. 6-cylinder Perkins 1106-E60TA engine with 163 hp. Two-disc dry clutch. Transmission 18 (forward) + 18 (back). Two-speed GDP 540/1000 rpm. Wet brakes (10 discs) with hydraulic drive. Pneumatic driver's seat and additional passenger seat.


Landini Powerfarm Tractor

Wheel formula 4WD. 4-cylinder Perkins 1104C-44T engine with 107 hp. Double disc dry clutch. Transmission 24 (forward) + 12 (back). Two-speed GDP 540/1000 rpm. Hydraulically actuated wet brakes.


Landini Powerfarm HC tractor

Powerfarm tractors are equipped with new advanced engines that provide low emissions in accordance with Euro 3. Designed specifically for agricultural applications, the new Perkins 1104D engine is based on modern technologies and solutions. The range includes four models with the following capacity: 74 hp. S. (Normal), 83 p. S. (Turbine), 92.5 and 102 liters. S. (Turbine + intercooler).


Landini Rex Tractor

The series is available in three models designed for specific applications:> The F model is ideal for small gardens. > GE model is ideal for working in medium-sized plantings. > The GT model is ideal for use in standard gardens and open fields. The new Rex series, in addition to new avant-garde technologies and additional options, is also equipped with new 3 and 4-cylinder turbocharged engines with intercooled Perkins Euro 3. The new range of Rex tractors combines performance, reliability, comfort and design.


Tractor Landini Serie 2 (Mistral)

The 2 Series is a compact tractor with a restyled design and ergonomically improved controls. The tractor is a concentrate of technology that combines unmatched power, versatility and comfort. Lively and easy to use, the Series 2 tractors are ideal for use in confined spaces such as vineyards, orchards, greenhouses and greenhouse maintenance.