SEM Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams


     SEM plant is one of the largest factories in China, producing high quality road equipment and front loaders.

Founded in 1958 under the name Shandong Engineering and Machinery, the factory was reformed into a joint stock company in 2003. In 2005, SEM successfully merged with Caterpillar®.

The factory is located in Qingzhou City, in the eastern part of Shandong Province. The territory of the plant is about 510,000 m², the staff is 2,000 employees.


SEM technology has many advantages:

all Cat® standards pass rigorous quality and safety certification tests;

the equipment is suitable for work in both normal and severe conditions.


The SEM 636D front loader is a small front loader with a design capacity of 3,000 kg and a dead weight of 10,133 kg. This model is characterized by high maneuverability and speed of operation, while at the same time easy to operate. Due to its compact size, the machine can work in confined spaces.

The machines of this model are widely used in various fields of activity. They are used in construction, for work in urban conditions, as well as in agriculture.

The SEM 636D loader will become a reliable assistant for picking up and moving bulk cargo, lifting and moving them from the warehouse (piles, bales, piles, etc.) to vehicles, when storing grain in granaries.


The SEM 656D wheel loader is characterized by high maneuverability and speed of operation, while being easy to operate. Possessing an excellent balance of high power and fuel efficiency, the machines of this model are widely used in a wide variety of industrial and economic activities.


Reliability: Heavy-duty machine frame design, Electro-hydraulically controlled Caterpillar transmission and proprietary axles for extended service life;

Performance: Automatic transmission with fast downshift function, optimized operation of the GTR and diesel engine, increased tractive effort by 11%;

Fuel efficiency: optimized transmission oil supply, E-fan cooling fan and axial piston pump in steering and working hydraulics reduce fuel consumption;

Comfort: Excellent visibility, low cab noise, premium 3-way seat.