Shifeng Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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     Shifeng mini-tractors are manufactured in China, where they have long gained popularity, for an affordable price and high quality.


Shifeng mini tractors - technological equipment for work on a summer cottage / personal plot, land plot for agricultural needs, when forming decorative lawns and flower beds, when carrying out landscape work. Shifeng mini-tractors are small-sized, neat and powerful (24-40 hp) units capable of developing sufficient speed. At the same time, tractors spend fuel rather economically - about 252g / kW "h.


Shifeng mini tractors will cope with removing garbage or snow, spraying, digging out root crops (potatoes, etc.), aerating, transporting goods (potatoes, for example), mowing hay and many other necessary things. It can be used in place of a lawn mower, tiller, cultivator and other large garden equipment. Shifeng mini tractors are equipped with a four-stroke liquid-cooled diesel engine and a belt drive - extremely easy to operate, reliable and very economical.

The presence of all-wheel drive allows you to use the Shifeng mini-tractor on both flat and difficult mountainous terrain.


Mini tractor Shifeng SF350 L - super-new 2019 with wide tires and strong engine

The Shifeng SF350 L minitractor is an updated model with an increased power range and wide tires. An ideal solution for those who do not want to overpay and at the same time get quite productive equipment for solving their economic problems.

Especially for the convenience of customers, the Motokosmos online store has prepared detailed information about the tractor, its advantages and features. We suggest going down the text below and familiarizing yourself with all the key characteristics of an agricultural machine.

Reviews and benefits of buying a Shifeng SF350 L tractor

Of course, the cost of the Shifeng SF350 L mini tractor speaks for itself: you are already saving an impressive amount on its purchase. At the same time, you get a fairly wide range of agricultural and communal opportunities.

Equipping the mini tractor with the appropriate attachments, you can:

Perform productive processing of any type of soil;

Carry out operational sowing work and harvest;

Take care of the beds and green spaces in the vegetable garden and garden;

Harvest hay and crops for feeding pets on the farm;

Carry cargo and much more.

So, for a relatively small amount, you get a full-fledged tool for active endeavors in the small agricultural industry. Invest correctly and the result will not be long in coming.

The technical side or features of Shifeng SF350 L

The Shifeng SF350 L mini tractor largely repeats the parameters of its predecessor - Shifeng 240. However, it has its own key features, which predetermined the release of a new, more advanced model.

The model is equipped with a fairly powerful single-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 35 hp. This is more than enough to carry out all the basic household chores.

It is also worth noting the efficient liquid-based engine cooling system. It not only relieves the technology of overheating, but also greatly extends its life.

Shifeng SF350 L is a rear-wheel drive tractor with a 4x2 wheel arrangement. With the presence of a differential lock, it demonstrates excellent cross-country performance in a wide variety of conditions.

The rubber is wide and quite durable. The tread pattern gives excellent grip, which only adds strength and stability to the car. The ideal solution for plowing fields and transporting goods.