Ferrari Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams


     Founded in the Italian city of Luzzara, Ferrari has long established itself in the production of agricultural machinery. Ferrari was founded in 1954, during the reconstruction and mechanization of the country, and was the most entrepreneurial company in the field of agricultural machinery.


At the initial stage, the main direction was the production of throttling machines for irrigation pipelines. After that, in 1957, Ferrari took part in an exhibition in Verona, presenting its first agricultural machine - the two-wheeled tractor MC57. The popularity of the machine will last until 1965, when Ferrari released the first tractor with an articulated frame, the MT65. Already in those days, the company was considered high-tech. The variety of products grew, mowers with engines and tractors for various applications appeared.


At the end of the 60s, the company entered the external market: in 1972, a subsidiary of Ferrari France was created in France. In 1988 Ferrari joins the BCS Group, strengthening the firm's reputation. Today Ferrari manufactures various types of equipment, ranging from recreational vehicles to professional tractors used in agriculture.

The range of Ferrari tractors is represented by multifunctional working machines with capacities from 25 to 91 l / forces, which are compact in size and excellent maneuverability. Tractors with detailed design features, including: short wheelbase, sloping frame, and low center of gravity. These advantages are combined with the engine power of the world famous brands Lamborghini, Kubota, VM. A characteristic feature of mini tractors, in addition to extraordinary maneuvering and engine reliability, is that they are equipped with the latest exhaust gas recirculation system, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and is an extremely environmentally friendly solution. These advantages make FERRARI tractors indispensable for work on agricultural land, livestock farms, orchards, vineyards, greenhouses, as well as for mowing and harvesting forage grasses.


Among the wide range of agricultural machinery, we are represented by the following products: Ferrari mini tractors, Duplex, Rotex, Neva disc mowers-conditioners, a full range of Grifon mowers, and five models of PowerSafe walk-behind tractors in various configurations. Our products will definitely be useful for small farms, gardening, summer cottages and farms, vineyards, and can also be used in other areas.