McCormick Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    The McCormick company was born in 1831. It was then that Cyrus McCormick invented his first agricultural machine. Thanks to his inner flair and thirst for innovative technologies, Cyrus has always been able to create a technique that later enjoyed great success with farmers. A few years later, McCormick became the founder of the International Harvester agricultural company, then one of the most famous in America.


Creating technology, and bringing to life his most daring innovations, Cyrus has always been guided by the sole goal - to revive the agriculture of his native America. His tractors have helped farmers overcome many of the challenges of plowing and cultivating the soil. Now the hard work of man on the ground could be replaced by a machine, which made it possible to more rationally distribute human resources in other areas of work.

In 1902, on the basis of McCormick, the International Harvester Company was created, which brings together the leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment under a new brand. This allowed the holding to take over 95% of the agricultural machinery sales market. In a couple of years, hundreds of units of the holding's equipment could be seen in 90 countries of the world.

In 1919, Cyrus McCormick Jr.'s company creates the Farmall tractor model. For safety reasons, it is painted red. In 1922, industrialization took place in America, this was the beginning of a new era of development and creation of modern tractors.

In 1937, production was opened in Germany, from where units with a capacity of up to 15 hp came out. Further, the company expands and creates another production site, already in the UK. In 1949, the first Farmall M model will be released outside the Doncaster facility.

In 1952, the company began to develop the construction equipment market and the first tracked tractor was born. In 1972 and 1975, factories in Germany and England are closed. By the end of this time, manufacturers manage to produce 22,300 pieces of equipment.

Having survived the war and all the transformations, in 2001 McCormick Tractors returned to their homeland in the United States. After merging with one successful brand by 2006, the products are successfully sold in 90 countries around the world. In 2008 the company presents its new McCormick tractors. To expand the production site and the possibility of introducing modern technologies, production moves to an area of 120,000 sq. feet.

Today, McCORMICK tractors are known all over the world. Modern models have a rich basic configuration and a wide range of attachments.

You can buy McCormick tractors of the required configuration from an authorized representative.


The McCORMICK brand is represented by four tractor models:


TTX series - used for tillage and harvesting, forage harvesting and transportation of goods. The car is equipped with a reliable engine, exhaust recirculation system, turbocharger. The high-precision lifting device of the machine is equipped with an electronic control system. Powerful hydraulics control the depth of work and the lift of the attachment. The tractor has a large cab and air conditioning to create a comfortable environment for the operator.


The G-MAX series is a versatile 6-cylinder tractor with up to 160 hp. In terms of physical characteristics and quality indicators, the equipment of this brand corresponds to the TTX. The difference is the lifting capacity of the lifting device, which is 7000 kilograms.


The C-MAX series is a small-sized unit. It is often used for vegetable farms. The machine is equipped with a special engine specially developed for farms. Installed disc brakes of combined action ensure reliable braking of the tractor on any road. The reverse transmission allows the machine to easily change direction of travel.


The advantages of the model include high-quality mixing of fuel with air, efficiency, and reduced financial costs.


MTX Series - Powered by a diesel engine mounted on a cast steel frame. This reduces operating noise and prolongs the life of the machine. The unit has a 16-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive. The power of the car is up to 141 hp.