Laverda Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    The Italian company Laverda is one of the leaders in the agricultural machinery market. The assembly process of new cars is carried out on the territory of the city of Breganze. The Italian plant of agricultural machinery employs more than 450 people who are very responsible in solving the tasks. Automation of the production process can significantly improve the quality of finished products.

Laverda has been operating for 130 years. Agricultural machinery manufactured at this plant is supplied to the territory of 30 different countries of the world.

All stages of the harvester assembly are completed with computerized control. This procedure allows you to identify the existing problems in time and take all measures to eliminate them.



The simple design ensures ease of use of the combine in any conditions. As a result, downtime due to failure is minimized.

Manufacturing of various parts of the machine is carried out at the company's factory. All parts ordered from related enterprises are subject to careful control. Most of the components are made of galvanized steel.

The Italian Laverda combines are characterized by their stability on hilly surfaces. The use of wide tires helps to minimize ground pressure. As a result, the yield of the soil remains at a high level for a long period of time.

Robust wheel gears absorb and transmit twice the thrust when working on steep slopes. Thanks to this, the machine can be used for work on any soil.

Special attention should be paid to the unique leveling system, which allows to reduce the width of the combine to 3.5 m. This need arises when transporting the machine on public roads.


Advantages and disadvantages

Laverda combines are distinguished by their economical operation and a large number of additional options. The presence of auxiliary systems makes harvesting easier. Thanks to the electronic system of longitudinal and transverse orientation of the header, the amount of losses of the grown products is minimized.


Among the advantages of such machines, the following main points should be noted:

structural reliability;

high performance;

ease of maintenance;

high power of the power plant component;

the ability to operate in any conditions.

An additional separating drum increases the volume of work that the combine performs in a given period of time. Installation of a Schumacher knife reducer allows 1220 cuts per minute.

The side alignment option deserves special attention. Changing the position of the machine body is carried out thanks to the GSAX system. Robust pivot joints ensure machine alignment based on grade.


The main problematic moments of combines of this brand are the high level of fuel consumption and the problematic search for component parts.


Laverda REV 205 ECO

This model is used for harvesting any kind of grain. Additionally, the harvester is equipped with a straw chopping system. The cockpit has an on-board computer and a high-quality air conditioning system. The model is equipped with a 210-horsepower component unit, paired with a three-speed hydrostatic gearbox. Thanks to the high torque and direct fuel injection system, fuel savings of up to 10%.

Panoramic glasses provide a high quality view. In the process, the operator can easily control the filling of the grain tank. The driver's seat is characterized by the presence of air suspension, which allows the seat to be adjusted in different directions. As a result, working in the combine for a long time will not be accompanied by feelings of discomfort.


Laverda M 306 Special Power

Such machines are capable of withstanding any operating conditions. The large hopper and powerful engine increase the overall productivity of the machine. The cutterbar segments are set in antiphase, resulting in a self-cleaning and sharpening effect.

Effective preparation and uniform feeding of crops to the threshing unit are the basis for a high-quality threshing. The presence of the PFR system allows you to achieve a positive result when harvesting.


Laverda 28.60 LXE

The 28.60 LXE combine is equipped with three different headers. One of them is used for harvesting grain, and the other two are used for corn. The machine is powered by a 285 hp diesel engine. With a total weight of 14750 kg, the carrying capacity of the combine is 5 tons.

The cab is designed taking into account all the requirements of ergonomics. A good overview opens from the inside, allowing you to control the entire workflow. Access to the cab is provided by a sturdy and comfortable ladder.