Oliver Service Manuals


   Oliver Farm Equipment Company has been an American agricultural machinery manufacturer since the 20th century. It was formed from the 1929 merger of four companies: the American Seeding Machine Company of Richmond, Indiana; Oliver Chilled Plow Works South Bend, Indiana; Hart Parr Tractor Company Charles City, Iowa; and Nichols and Shepard Company of Battle Creek, Michigan.

The four companies joined forces on April 1, 1929, the Oliver Chilled Plow Company from 1855. The Hart-Parr Tractor Company began operations in 1897, and the American Sowing Machine Company, dated 1848. The Nichols and Shepard Company, also began operations in 1848.

The American Seeding Machine Company was organized in 1903 from the amalgamation of seven different manufacturers of grain planters, corn, and other "planters." The leading corporate component among the seven merged companies was the Improved Drill Company of Springfield, Ohio. Accordingly, the American Seeding Machine Company established its headquarters in Springfield on premises previously operated by the Supreme Drill Company. Other companies that formed the 1903 mergers include PP Mast and Company (est. 1856), Hoosier Drill Company (est. 1857), Boer Empire Company, and Bickford & Huffman. Improved name Drill The company lived for many years after the merger that Oliver created, in the line "Oliver" Improved seeding planters and related equipment.


In 1948, Oliver was ready with a completely new line of tractors. They were built for successes in the past, including the Oliver 60, 70 and 80 tractors.


The latter was even built with a diesel engine, although very few were sold. However, in the 1950s, Oliver was an industry leader through their promotion of diesel power plants. Oliver has been an industry leader in diesel tractors for several years.


Oliver 66, 77 and 88 tractors from 1948 to 1954 marked a completely new series of Fleetline models. The 77 and 88 can be purchased with either gasoline or diesel engines. During 1954, the company modernized these tractors with new models of the "super" series, and added the Oliver Super 55. This was the company's first compact utility for tractors.


In 1958, Oliver began selling the new 660, 770, 880, 990 and other new models.