KAWASAKI Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams


     Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Japanese 川 崎 重工業 株式会社 kawasaki ju: go: gyo: kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese corporation headquartered in the cities of Kobe and Tokyo (Minato).

The KAWASAKI company originated in Tokyo, back in 1906. It got its name from the surname of its owner, Shozo Kawasaki. The firm specialized in ship repair and cargo transportation, gradually expanding the range of its interests. At different times, they have spread to railway and civil construction, the creation of rolling stock, aircraft and components, repair and maintenance of vehicles. To date, the KAWASAKI concern also has significant positions in the construction of environmental infrastructure facilities, power plants, industrial facilities, and even in the creation of spacecraft.


Initially, the company was engaged in shipbuilding, but at the moment the main products are industrial robots, jet skis, tractors, trains, engines, military equipment, light aircraft and helicopters, as well as parts for Boeing, Embraer and Bombardier aircraft. Kawasaki's products also include motorcycles and ATVs.