Volvo Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    Volvo agricultural machinery is known almost all over the world. The main reason for this is reliability, versatility, long periods of use and ease of use.

Thanks to their good balance and excellent build quality, tractors from the Swedish brand successfully cope with tasks of varying degrees of complexity, while showing high efficiency and productivity.


Tractor Volvo BM 700

This tractor was actively produced back in the 80s of the last century, but it is still operated by farmers in different parts of the world. He successfully copes with a number of such common tasks as plowing various types of soil, harrowing the soil, planting tuberous and sowing seed crops, caring for beds, as well as harvesting.

The standard equipment of this Volvo tractor includes a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a long service life, easy maintenance and a solid power reserve.

Traction on one axle significantly improves the balance of the tractor and makes it more maneuverable in small areas. This constructive solution was once intercepted by domestic developers who created the VTZ tractor.

The standard tractor package includes wide wheels with an aggressive tread pattern. If necessary, dual wheels can be installed on the driving rear axle, significantly increasing the stability of the unit on loose soil and its cross-country ability when used on rough terrain.

power - 110 liters. from.;

engine volume - 4.2 liters;

maximum travel speed - 30 km / h;

drive - to the rear axle;

weight with the cabin - 4.1 tons.

This tractor with a Volvo engine has proven itself in intensive use in the most difficult conditions. The presence of wear-resistant parts and working mechanisms significantly extends the life of the model and minimizes the need for repair work.


Tractor Volvo VL 71

This high-tech tractor from the Swedish Volvo brand is in great demand not only in the agricultural sector, but also in the construction industry. This model is often used by utility workers and public road builders.

The presence of a powerful hinged mechanism allows the tractor to be used as a bulldozer or a loader - this greatly expands the functionality of the model, and makes it more popular among farmers.

This Volvo tractor comes standard with a 4-cylinder diesel engine equipped with a trouble-free turbocharger and air cooling system. Among the advantages of this engine, experts highlight the modest fuel consumption and the low level of harmful substances contained in the exhaust gases.

The transmission of the tractor is presented in the form of a fully synchronized mechanism of the Powershuttle brand, complete with hydraulic transformers and a servo drive. The wide gear range allows you to find the right speed for the job.

The design of the steering controls of the model includes a high-quality hydraulic drive and a system of priority oil supply. The bucket is operated in several control modes. In some configurations of the Volvo VL 71 tractors, a joystick is provided instead of the steering wheel, also equipped with a servo drive.


One of the main distinguishing features of this Volvo model is the presence of a proprietary telematics system in its cabin, the function of which is to receive and transmit data to the dashboard about the exact location of the tractor at a particular time.

A great advantage of the tractor is its well-thought-out cab to the smallest detail. In it, all switches necessary for operation are located on a separate console. The steering column can be quickly adjusted in height. For greater convenience during operation, the tractor cab has devices for air conditioning and heating. For better sound insulation on the floor in the cab, you can lay a special material that absorbs extraneous sounds from the street.


The Volvo BL71 tractor has the following factory parameters:


power - 98 liters. from.;

engine volume - 4.03 liters;

maximum travel speed - 30 km / h;

drive - to the rear axle;

weight with the cab - 7.74 tons.

The manufacturer has provided free access to the main working mechanisms of the unit, which greatly simplifies its repair and self-service. A large fuel tank with a capacity of 150 liters allows you to work with the tractor for a long time without refueling interruptions. The fuel consumption of the unit does not exceed 11 l / h. work, regardless of the loads and the type of tasks performed.