INGERSOLL Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    The Ingersoll-Rand firm was founded back in 1871 in America by Simon Ingersoll, after he patented a drilling device powered by a steam engine. The company's first products were steam drills for mining.


By the beginning of the last century, the firm acquired its name "Ingersoll-Rand Company", uniting several of the largest American drilling companies under its name. This company became famous after supplying its drilling equipment for the production of the famous Panama Canal.

The company did not stand still and constantly strived for perfection. So, she developed new compressor devices, such as jackhammers, and her scientists made various inventions (they invented the diesel engine).

Starting from the second half of the 20th century, the company began to engage in other types of production. For example, in 1968 Ingersoll Rand bought a controlling stake in a company that manufactures container systems, and in 1974 it bought out shares in Schlage, a manufacturer of locks and security systems.

The company continued to unite companies of various profiles under its trademark, but to this day, the priority direction for the Ingersoll Rand company remains compressor equipment for various purposes, be it mining, climate systems and others. The company's products quickly gained popularity in the market due to their high quality.


Scope of the company

A wide range of equipment sold by the company includes compressors from small garage-type compressors to centrifugal machines. The company unites more than 150 manufacturers and has a turnover of over $ 8 billion.


The company, under its auspices, has united such brands as:

"Club Car" specializing in golf cars;

Ingersoll Rand, which deals with compression and pneumatic equipment;

Hussman, which deals with commercial climate equipment such as refrigerators for shopping centers;

Schlage, which manufactures locks and security systems;

"Trane", specializing in the manufacture of compact climate systems;

"Thermo King", producing automobile climatic equipment (for example, refrigerators).


The company currently manufactures and supplies:

Reciprocating compressors with a pressure of 345 bar (oil-free, low-filled, high-pressure compressors, for blowing PET bottles, with an internal combustion engine),

Screw compressors with capacity from 0.24 to 69m3 / min (oil-free, low-filled, with partial drive control),

Centrifugal with a capacity from 25 to 1000 m3 / min

Diesel power plants;


Compressed air preparation systems.

The advantages and distinctive features of the company

Much attention is paid to the quality of manufactured products and service;

A wide range of products with a long service life;

The company's compressors are used by the US Government and Department of Defense;

In American plants, 70% of the compressed air is produced by the company's compressors;

Innovative developments of the company, for example, two-stage compressors and a partially variable compressor with a permanent magnet motor;

Since 1996 the equipment has been used in the Moscow Kremlin;

Ingersoll Rand is one of the top 500 companies in the world according to Forbes.


Geography, price niche

Ingersoll-Rand is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. The company has factories in more than 40 world countries, including Italy, Great Britain and America.

Ingersoll-Rand prices are directly related to compressor type and whether it is a wholesale or retail product. Compared to competitors, prices are very loyal.