Kukje Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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   Kukje Machinery is a South Korean company which manufactures tractors, combine harvesters and other equipment under the Kukje brand. It is a subsidiary of Tong Yang Moolsan, another South Korean agricultural manufacturer. Until 2016, it was a subsidiary of Dongkuk Steel, a large conglomerate. Kukje was founded in 1968 as Korea Agricultural Machinery Co., and changed its name in 1978 to name to Kukje Machinery Co.. In 1980, Kukje signed a technological agreement with Yanmar of Japan. In addition, Kukje has manufactured/distributed some John Deere tractors since 1987.


In 1995, Kukje established its diesel engine manufacturing plant, and in 2002 established an agreement with Cummins to build and supply engines for them.

In 2003, Kukje established Branson Tractor, LLC in the USA to distribute tractors under the Branson brand name. They also manufactured tractors sold under the Century brand in the USA. In 2009, Kukje signed a letter of intent to merge its Branson Tractor company with USA-based Montana Tractors,[1] and it resulted in some Branson tractors being rebadged as Montana tractors. The deal fell through, and Montana eventually closed down.


In December 2015, Dongkuk Steel announced they were looking to sell Kukje. The next July, 2016, Tong Yang signed a letter of intent to purchase the company, and it was concluded in September 2016. Kukje is now a division of Tong Yang Moolsan. In 2016, Kukje began supplying tractors to Carraro of Italy.


In 2017, Kukje signed an agreement with Indian manufacturer VST Tillers for the transfer of technology to build 47 hp (35 kW) tractors in India. The first tractors appeared on the market in 2018 badged as VST with a Branson sub-badge.