Versatile Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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   The Versatile brand is one of the four largest global manufacturers of high-performance tractors. Since the start of the production of the first tractor (1966), more than 50,000 units of energy-intensive equipment have been supplied under this brand.


Today Versatile is a division of Buhler Industries Inc. the Canadian part of the Rostselmash holding.

The product line of tractors under the Versatile trademark consists of three series: Genesis series (196-278 hp), 2000 series (335-375 hp), HHT series (435-535 hp). ).

Buhler Versatile Inc is part of the corporation, which includes several North American enterprises for the production of agricultural machinery Farm King, Allied, Inland. More than 800 people work at the company's production facilities.

Since October 2007, 80% of the shares of Buhler Industries Inc have been acquired by Rostselmash. Rostselmash actively promotes Versatile equipment through its own dealer network.

Versatile tractors are supplied to North America, Australia, New Zealand, CIS countries and Europe.


Tractors for an incredibly wide range of agricultural operations with the highest performance with all modern trailed and mounted equipment. General purpose tractors with classic layout. Used in arable, cultivation and sowing operations. If the appropriate tires are installed, the tractor can be used for row cultivation. They are more versatile because can be used for field, transport and loading operations.


Depending on the engine power, two transmission options are offered: semi-automatic 24x24 and automatic Powershift 16x9 (250/280/305 hp).


VERSATILE tractors are a versatile technique that allows you to perform all types of work: cargo transportation, during sowing, for processing grain and row crops. This is possible by installing appropriate tires and axles. When rearranging the wheels in various combinations, it is possible to adjust the track of the front wheels from 1.5 to 2.3 meters and the rear wheels from 1.5 to 3.3 meters.

The Versatile 2000 series is a real workhorse that can easily cope with swing, cultivation and sowing operations. They are equipped with Cummins QSM 11 series engines (10.8 liters) with a capacity of 375 hp. The engines are ideally adapted to work with Ukrainian fuel, while being powerful and economical.

Productive work with trailed equipment is ensured by the HydraFlow ® hydraulic system with a capacity of 170 l / min.

Tractors of the 2000 series have two fuel tanks with a total volume of 927 liters. The main advantage of the models is that the main ballasting falls on the front wheels (55%), i.e. tractive effort is maintained on all wheels, and when working with heavy trailed implements, there will be no slipping of the front wheels, which means there will be no additional losses in fuel.


Row-Crop Series Tractors with Engines ranging from 190 to 305 HP designed for a wide range of agricultural work: from sowing to transport.

They are equipped with highly reliable 190, 220, 250, 280 and 305 hp Cummins engines. and meet modern environmental requirements Stage IIIA (Tier 3) The maximum torque is reached in the range of 1400-1500 rpm., and its reserve is more than 30%, guaranteeing stable operation under any load.

The short wheelbase provides high maneuverability (turning radius less than 4 m). Tractors supplied to Ukraine are equipped with an UltraSteer swivel front axle (both the wheels and the axle itself turn), which reduces the turning radius to 2.1 m with standard wheel width, time spent on turning and fuel consumption.

Depending on the engine power of the Row-Crop series, there are two transmission options: the semi-automatic 24x24 (190 and 220 hp models) and the automatic Powershift 16x9 (250, 280 and 305 hp models).

In the first case, six ranges of 4 speeds each form 24 speeds forward and backward.

A front loader and a snow plow add to the versatility of the tractors. The basic equipment also includes a CAT III three-point linkage with a lifting capacity of 5670 kilograms.


 Additional benefits

Versatile technology is efficient and reliable, at the same time simple and easy to maintain. Rostselmash gives tractors a 2-year warranty, taking on the obligation to provide service and guaranteeing that any assistance will be provided as soon as possible and at a high level.