Takeuchi Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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   The world famous Japanese manufacturer of compact construction equipment Takeuchi Mfg. Co., Ltd was founded on August 21, 1963 in Sakaki-machi City, Nagano Prefecture. The headquarters are still located in this city.

Takeuchi became the first company in the world to launch a mini excavator. It happened in 1971.

In 1986, the production of a new development of Takeuchi engineers began - a mini-loader designed for operation in difficult terrain.

Takeuchi owns three factories in Japan and subsidiaries abroad:


Takeuchi Mfg. (U.S.), Ltd., established in 1979.

Takeuchi Mfg. (U.K.) Ltd., founded in 1996.

Takeuchi France S.A.S., started operations in 2000.

1998 This manufacturer received the IS0-9001 quality certificate.


2006 At the first factory in China, Takeuchi Qingdao Mfg. Co. the production of equipment was started.


The company specializes in the production of construction equipment: hydraulic excavators of medium weight, mini-excavators, tracked mini-loaders, dumpers (mini-dump trucks), as well as attachments (in particular, hydraulic breakers). Incidentally, Takeuchi was the first company to introduce a compact mini excavator in North America.

Mini excavator TB016

In Europe, the TB016 model is the most popular in the TAKEUCHI line of mini-excavators from 1.5 tons for the best power in its class and ease of operation.


It is noteworthy that in the TB016 mini-excavator, the distance between the tracks can be adjusted: from 980 mm (for work in confined conditions) to 1300 mm (for the best stability). This helps when working with heavy loads, when digging sideways, and when performing operations with attachments.

Of the attachments available for TB016, it is worth highlighting the TKV71 hydraulic hammer. It is ideally matched to the TB016 mini excavator in both hydraulic flow volume and suppression as well as working power. All this ensures maximum efficiency during concrete crushing or demolition work.

The TB016 minimum fuel consumption and Yanmar diesel engine contribute to lower financial costs, which translates into total operating costs.

The new excavator models TV014 and TB016 are the result of years of development by Takeuchi, rigorous testing of product improvements based on customer wishes. Developed with the latest technology in the field of mini-machinery, they represent the new benchmark for wheeled excavators.



- A locking lever allows movement and control to be locked for safe entry and exit from the cab.


- taillights increase safety by visually warning of being in the excavator's working area


- the emergency engine shutdown system automatically returns its operation to idle in case of an increase in the coolant temperature and completely switches it off in the event of an excessive drop in the lubricant pressure in the engine. This is a very important feature to help prevent irreparable engine damage caused by operator carelessness.


- cast iron counterweight protects the engine compartment from accidental damage when working in a confined space.


Ease of maintenance:

A fully opening engine compartment and optional filter and fluid sensors provide quick access to all systems that require constant maintenance.



- the TKV71 hydraulic hammer is ideally suited to the mini-excavator in terms of hydraulic flow, pressure and operating power, providing maximum efficiency during concrete crushing and demolition work.


- a sound signal as an additional safety device warns of being in the excavator's working area.


- the extended telescopic boom allows you to expand the range of the excavator.


Operator comfort:

- streamlined cab shape improves visibility and facilitates handling in confined spaces.


- fully adjustable suspension seat guarantees long productive work with minimum operator fatigue.



- the fire-extinguishing device of the boom completely eliminates the rubbing of the ropes on the fragments of construction debris and provides the best visibility for the operator.


- disc hydraulic parking brakes with fragrances do not leak or break.

This is very important, especially when the excavator is on an incline.


Ease of controls:

Models TB014 and TB016 retain features that have become popular on TAKEUCHI equipment in the past, such as auxiliary hydraulics and automatic control. These functions are easy to access due to their compact panel layout.


- double-ribbed track links increase traction with the ground, which prolongs the life of the chassis and prevents the track track from flying off the rim, even on steep surfaces.

- the distance between track tracks in TB016 can be adjusted from 980 mm for work in narrow spaces, up to 1300 mm for better stability when lifting heavy loads, when digging sideways, when working with attachments and on uneven surfaces. The advantages of two different sized excavator models are combined in one machine.


- Convenient simultaneous boom and bucket control reduces cycle times. Control speed does not decrease when the excavator's boom plunges into and out of the excavation


- axial piston hydraulic pumps, automatically adjustable when the load changes, allow changing the fuel consumption and pressure depending on the load on the hydraulic system. The ratio of excavator digging force to pump piston speed is constantly changing depending on the load on the excavator.


Caring for the environment:

- the diesel engine of the new series meets the most stringent exhaust emission standards

gases, and also produces a minimum of noise, making it ideal for work in urban environments.