Ditch Witch Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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Earthmoving equipment DITCH WITCH

DITCH WITCH Corporation was founded in 1902 by Frederick Malzan. The history of this global player in the construction equipment market began with the opening of a small locksmith shop in Perry, Oklahoma. By the way, the headquarters of the company is located here to this day. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of oil refining equipment, but in 1949 the company developed the first trencher. So the formation of the DITCH WITCH trademark on the world market began. Currently, the company is engaged in the production of HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs), trenchers and cable layers. The model range of the manufacturer includes small-sized and full-size equipment for multi-purpose use.

Let's start with the trenchers. This is a type of construction special equipment, which is designed to form trenches for laying engineering communications. In addition, the machines can be used for leveling territories, removing asphalt pavements and excavating soils of any complexity. The technique shows high productivity, regardless of the complexity of the work performed and climatic conditions.

Among the main advantages of this category of technology, the following advantages can be distinguished:


Hydraulic control system, simple and convenient to operate.

Consistently high performance achieved by installing Japanese-made engines.

An adjustable rear wheel that guarantees stability and maneuverability regardless of the terrain.

High safety factor and service life. This feature is achieved by using high-quality components and innovative designs that increase the durability of the main units and mechanisms.

Trenchers are produced on a wheeled chassis and a caterpillar drive. In addition to the standard equipment, the equipment can be optionally equipped with road milling cutters, bulldozer dumps, excavator buckets and back shovels.

Now let's talk about cable layers.

This is a multifunctional technique designed for laying pipelines and cable networks in soils of any complexity. In construction, cable layers are often used to equip pits with outlet sockets.

The main advantages include the following features:


High performance with minimal damage to the surrounding landscape.

Ability to work on soils of any complexity, including rocky terrain.

Several variations of working bodies, which allows you to fine-tune the technique for the performance of certain jobs.

Automated workflow.

All machines in this category are of high build quality and easy handling.


The DITCH WITCH lineup is quite diverse, so let's look at the most interesting categories and models of this manufacturer.

All machines in this category are of high build quality and easy handling.

The DITCH WITCH lineup is quite diverse, so let's look at the most interesting categories and models of this manufacturer.


DITCH WITCH trenchers are divided into five types and, in turn, by model.


Types of trenches and models that the company produces today:

Manual machines: C12, C14, C16, C16X, C24X, C30X, S2B

Tractor type: RT30, RT45, RT55, RT80, RT100, RT120, RT125 and ZAHN trencher


Micro trenchers: MT12

Vibratory plows: 100SX, 410SX and ZAHN plows

But let's start our review with a fairly simple but highly functional model of the HT220 trencher.


Ditch Witch HT220

This is a tracked modification with a chain-type working body. The working chain is equipped with replaceable teeth, which makes it possible to work on normal and difficult soils. The equipment is quite compact: the length is only 2.8 meters, while the depth of the trench can reach 1,800 mm. The power required for operation is provided by the GUMMINS Q SB 5.9 engine with a capacity of 215 liters. from.

Ditch Witch RT10

The well-known model is the RT10. It is a fairly compact trench excavator with an 11 hp engine. from. In the basic configuration, the equipment is produced on a wheeled chassis, but as an option it can be equipped with a caterpillar drive and a backhoe. The steering is hydraulic, which provides excellent maneuverability. Given these features, the equipment is optimal for work in the private sector and small construction contractors.

Ditch Witch RT115 and RT115 QUAD

Consider the technical characteristics of the RT115 and RT115 QUAD models. The difference between them lies in a three-speed gearbox with instant switching of operating modes, which is installed on the second modification. Of the general features, the following parameters can be distinguished:

Four-cylinder JOHN DEERE engines, 86 kW.

Speed indicators (forward / backward) - 14.5 and 9.9 km / h.

Large selection of additional attachments.

Reinforced frame for tough jobs.