Yanmar Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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  The Japanese company Yanmar is the largest manufacturer of high quality diesel engines. She began her activity in 1912 from a small enterprise for the manufacture of the simplest power plants. Engineers and developers have gradually perfected the design of engines and now these products are in worldwide demand.


Currently, production is carried out not only within the country, but also far beyond its borders. Branches of the company are located in Asia, America, Europe. They produce diesel engines for various purposes, as well as a number of agricultural machinery based on them - garden tractors, diesel generators, front-end loaders, water pumps, excavators, tracked mini dump trucks, etc.


The company released its first tractor in 1961, and a mini tractor in 1976. It was a Yanmar 2210D all-wheel drive model with a 25 hp water-cooled two-cylinder engine. Since then, the assortment of small tractors has been constantly expanding and now it is presented in different series.


All modifications of Yanmar tractor mini-equipment are compact and united by several standard characteristics.


They are based on:

Economical 2 or 3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine;

4WD all-wheel drive;

Wheeled chassis.


Japanese mini tractors of the Yanmar brand are distinguished by low fuel consumption, high maneuverability, and excellent driving characteristics. They are easy to handle on slippery roads and perform well in the field. Despite their small size, these agricultural machines are extremely efficient and adapt well to any attachment. They are powerful, hardy and can function fully in the most difficult conditions. Each machine comes with detailed instructions and a user manual.


Features of the models

The official lineup of Yanmar small tractor equipment consists of the KE100, KE200, EF200M, EF200H, FX200, EF300T series, etc. They include modifications that differ in design, power (it can be from 13 to 50 hp, depending on from the model), the level of fuel consumption. The main technical characteristics of the most popular models from each series of this brand of mini tractors are described below and excerpts from the reviews left by their owners are given.


Yanmar KE-140

The minitractor has a differential lock, a 4-point hitch, an electric starter. Additionally equipped with a protective visor for more comfortable work of the operator.

Power - 14 HP 10.30 kW

Number of cylinders - 3

Number of speeds - 12 (8 forward, 4 reverse)

Fuel tank capacity - 12.9 L

Wheelbase - 1207 mm

Ground clearance - 225 mm

Turning radius - 1700 mm

Weight - 565 kg

Complete set - Soil milling machine with a working grip of 1300 mm


Yanmar F-15D

The minitractor has sufficient power for plowing medium-density soils and towing a trailer with a carrying capacity of up to 2500 tons. Yanmar equipment has a multi-mode power take-off mechanism and a multi-stage mechanical gearbox.

Power - 19 HP 13.97 kW

Number of cylinders - 3

Number of speeds - 12 (8 forward, 4 reverse)

Fuel tank capacity - 10 l

Wheelbase - 1200 mm

Ground clearance - 243 mm

Turning radius - 2000 mm

Weight - 596 kg

Complete set - Soil milling machine with 1200 mm working grip


Yanmar F475

Unlike previous models, this mini tractor is equipped with a cabin with air conditioning and heating system. Its design provides for a hydraulic power steering and separate brakes (for all 4 wheels), making it easier to control the equipment. Hydraulic valve for 4 outputs, allows the simultaneous use of several attachments at once. Both tracks on the tractor are adjustable and can be adjusted for a certain type of work.

Power - 47 HP 34.57 kW

Number of cylinders - 3

Gearbox - 12 + 12

Fuel tank capacity - 47 l

Tire size - 8-16 (front); 12.4-28 (rear)

Ground clearance - 340 mm

Wheelbase - 1825 mm

Weight - 1500 kg