TYM Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    TYM mini tractors are manufactured in South Korea under US license. Each stage of the assembly is subject to strict quality control. As a result, the end consumer has been using high-end technology for many years. Under the same roof with TYM tractors, tractors with big names are born: LAMBORGHINI Green Pro.

TYM tractors are equipped with powerful engines (20 to 100 horsepower). Due to the presence of an automatic power take-off shaft, mini tractors can be equipped with various attachments. This significantly expands their functionality, which will be appreciated not only by farmers, but also by utilities, builders, etc.

Agricultural machinery of Korean assembly is not the cheapest version of this type of machine when compared with Chinese counterparts of the budget class. However, these small tractors are the choice of experienced farmers and farmers, as TYM equipment is well worth the investment. The tractors offer sufficient power and a good choice of attachments that can be purchased separately.


The advantages of mini tractors of this class on the market are related to the aspects of durability and reliability of their operation .. The factor "Korean assembly" has earned the confidence of consumers, which even today indicates high-quality products. Since farmers prefer to use their funds economically, and their hard work must be given due respect, all this, combined with the rather high cost of equipment, does not contribute to its popularization among our users.


The Tong Yang Mooslan plant began to become a machine-building plant in 1960 as a result of collaborations with advanced American manufacturers such as Mahindra, which paid off to Koreans. Even then, these multifunctional tractors began to enter the world market, although the pace of their production was moderate. Using the same Mahindra 10 brand, the manufacturer has been selling its machines to users in South America since 1990. Some time later, the company mastered the production of products for a number of representative customers, including Lamborgini and Scorpio.


The annual production of TYM machines exceeds 25 thousand samples and is concentrated at the production site in South Korea. The technological process for the production of this type of transport is subject to meticulous American standards of design parameters, which are introduced and used in the manufacture of mini-tractors.


What are the benefits for owners of TYM tractors:

ergonomic driving position;

small size, high maneuverability in confined areas;

low weight of the machine, which will not greatly affect the subsidence of the soil;

no need for a spacious storage for a mini-tractor in the off-season;

high safety indicators for use in semi-enclosed spaces, for example, greenhouses;

the available fuel in the tank is sufficient for the tractor for eight hours of continuous operation.

To select the optimal machine specifically for your needs, you need to study the indicators of the most popular copies of TYM products, the range of which exceeds the mark of 30 samples.


Features of the T503 mini-tractor

Successful sowing, harvesting, mowing the grass and fertilizing the soil - all this is possible thanks to the use of the powerful and heavy machine T503. Since the traction class of this tractor is 1.4, the scope of its application has been expanded to the functionality of special equipment, which for some operations would have to be rented separately. The Perkins diesel engine has a 4-cylinder developing 51 hp. and provides a maximum speed of up to 10 m / s. Unlike some models of TYM machines, it is supplied with the cab.

The dimensions of this machine allow it to maneuver both in terrain with a variety of landscapes, and to conquer countless areas of uncultivated land. T233 looks harmoniously on the pages of thematic publications in magazines, and in terms of manufacturability and compactness, it just asks to work in a farm. From its predecessors, the model inherited a reliable frame, modest dimensions, solid carrying capacity and more.


It will be difficult to find a competitor among the T233 analogues, with such an impressive indicator of special equipment available for installation, the number of which exceeds 70 units. For this parameter, the model is the leader in the line of transport for agricultural needs. Managers of the Lamborghini plant did not hesitate to take advantage of these developments and established cooperation with TYM to produce exactly the same cars, changing only the color and name of the vehicle.

By replacing the tires on the tractor with industrial tires, you will get a mini-tractor perfectly adapted for construction or municipal work. Low-pressure soft tires with a small relief pattern will justify themselves when using the machine and on garden and park surfaces.