Foton Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    Tractor equipment Foton made in China occupies a leading position in the wheeled agricultural machinery market. It combines the latest technological developments, optimal equipment and decent build quality, which makes it popular not only among Russian farmers, but also in a number of other countries.


Foton tractors and mini tractors are manufactured by the industrial corporation Foton Lovo Heavy Industry Co. Ltd since 1996. This type of product is massively represented on the domestic market and is provided with high-quality service support thanks to a developed network of technical service centers.

All models of the Foton product line have an attractive appearance and streamlined shape, small dimensions and good speed, increased cross-country ability and maneuverability. Also among the advantageous characteristics of Foton tractors are:


Convenient and easy control due to the presence of the power steering;

Good cross-country ability due to the deep tread of the tires and high ground clearance;

Simplicity of design, minimizing the number of breakdowns and factory defects;

Multifunctional use due to the ability to install a variety of mounted and trailed implements;

Modern design, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to the listed qualities, Foton tractors have practicality, a long working resource and an attractive cost that pays off in a short time.


Model range of tractors Foton

The official manufacturer Foton supplies the Russian market with a large assortment of both large and mini tractors of the TA TE TV brand, differing in cost, configuration and operational characteristics.


In a wide range of specialized agricultural machinery, models with a capacity of 24 to 80 horsepower stand out, which are in the middle price range. These are Foton modifications: 244, 354, 404, 454, 504, 824, 904. High-quality diesel engines (Perkins) of the European standard, which fully meet environmental standards, are used for their configuration. Among the units, there are options equipped with a driver's cab (with and without heating), a ROPS canopy and a safety arc. The listed tractor models (below is a brief description of their features and characteristics) are versatile: you can install any mounted and trailed equipment on them.

Chinese tractors Foton are equipment of the European standard with high performance capabilities. According to their characteristics, they are not worse than imported, exotic specimens, and in many respects they even exceed them. Agricultural machines of this brand are reliable, powerful and capable of “covering” the needs of farms of any size. Spare parts for them are easy to find, and you can make repairs yourself. Before choosing, be sure to look at the form and read the reviews of the owners.