AVANT Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    Finnish-made AVANT skid steer loaders are multi-purpose compact machines for a wide range of applications. An assortment of nearly 200 quick-change attachments makes AVANT the most functional machines on the market.


The history of AVANT multi-purpose loaders began in the distant 1991. And in 2004, the 200th series of these machines was presented at BAUMA. At that time, these were completely new and unique loaders, in terms of the proposed concept and design.

The starting point in the development of AVANT mini loaders was the need for a compact multi-purpose machine for servicing residential buildings, holiday homes, small farms.

AVANT skid steer loaders were a phenomenal success and, over the years, this technique has performed many different types of work that machines from other manufacturers could not have done.

In 2015, the company AVANT TECNO OY presented the second generation. The mini-loaders have been completely redesigned and got many features that cannot be found, even on larger mini-loaders.

The new AVANT mini loader, in the first place, offers more power, ease of use and more types of attachments. Ease of use and safety have also been improved.

Since, the main buyers of this equipment in many markets are private individuals. Working on a mini-loader is very easy for people who do not have professional skills to do any job.

One of the most important technical features of the new 200 Series is in the chassis. This mini loader is wider and longer than its predecessor, which improves the stability of the machine. For the operator, this means improved ergonomics and more legroom, and the manufacturer has increased the gas tank and battery capacity.

The new series is equipped with the same mounting plate for attachments as the large AVANT mini loaders. The hydraulic hoses of the attachment are connected to the multi-connector, which ensures accurate connection with the movement of one hand in any conditions.

Another innovation is the multi-function monitor, which displays the number of hours, fuel level, engine indication and road lighting.


Equipped with a powerful 20hp Kohler gasoline engine, AVANT is a true multi-function household machine.

With the help of AVANT multifunctional mini-loaders, any user can equip flower beds, new lawns and ponds on their site. It is an ideal tool for lawn mowing, gathering fallen leaves and sweeping, and other landscaping work.

When creating a courtyard, this multifunctional machine quickly and easily cope with earthwork and planning work. AVANT is an efficient machine for removing snow and scattering salt or sand in winter.


Around the world, many landscape gardening companies, hotels, car dealerships, enterprises, utilities and other organizations praised its compact size, simple operation, versatility and low maintenance costs.