Shantui Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    SHANTUI Corporation is the largest bulldozer manufacturer not only in China but also in the world. The SHANTUI group, together with KOMATSU (Japan), has been developing the production of a wide range of modern equipment since 1979.


SHANTUI Corporation includes:

1) the main plant for the production of equipment

2) an enterprise for the production of hydraulics;

3) plant for the production of undercarriage equipment;

4) a joint venture between China and Japan for the production of KOMATSU excavators;

5) an industrial and trading company that sells special equipment.


All Shantui factories have an area of about 675,000 square meters. m. Production is carried out by more than 5100 qualified employees: workers, specialists, technicians and engineers.

SHANTUI Corporation ranks third in the world in sales of special equipment, following such well-known brands as Caterpillar and Komatsu. High sales figures are achieved due to the optimal ratio of price and quality of products.

The annual volume of production and sales of SHANTUI equipment is more than 12 thousand units of various types of bulldozers, and since 2011 - 10 thousand units of hydraulic excavators, 5 thousand road rollers, a thousand units of other types of machines. Thus, the corporation's products occupy 70% of the heavy equipment sales market in China.

Currently, SHANTUI special equipment can be ordered in 60 countries around the world. Since 2001, the brand's equipment has become available in Russia, and successfully competes with world-famous brands.

In 2011, SHANTUI Corporation plans to produce more than 15 thousand units of bulldozers and other machines. Even more customers will be able to purchase the brand's products, which in the future will make it a market leader.


Shantui bulldozers are considered to be very reliable machines by experts and mechanics. Shantui bulldozers have performed well in the Far North. With the right care and the correct use of lubricants and coolants, Shantui bulldozers perform reliably, without interruption or breakdown.

Failures of Shantui bulldozers are common, but associated with deficiencies or even lack of information on their maintenance. It is the improper operation of Shantui bulldozers that leads to the wear of the main mechanisms (operating fluids, filter elements are not changed on time, daily maintenance is not carried out properly, etc.).

According to the mechanics and machinists, Shantui bulldozers are quite simple and convenient to operate, operate and repair. The hydromechanical transmission makes it easy to drive and control your Shantui bulldozer. Allows the machine to move easily in any direction and perform its work functions: leveling the soil, pushing the soil, loosening the soil and cleaning the roads.

A comfortable workplace is provided for the driver. Levers for control of movement and control of a blade, a ripper are in optimal places, they are set in motion smoothly, without great efforts.

Shantui's hydromechanical transmission, combined with the mechanical control of the Shantui bulldozer, enables precise and precise operation.

Most of the filter elements are in a convenient place for replacement, which is often the case with domestic counterparts. Shantui bulldozer systems drain and fill ports are also conveniently located.

Shantui bulldozers do not need a lot of tooling when servicing. All the tools required for maintenance are available in the spare parts included with the machine from the factory!

The choice of operating materials is also simplified. All Shantui bulldozer systems use engine oil to eliminate the possibility of misapplication of lubricant in any bulldozer system.

Shantui's first bulldozers

Shantui's first bulldozer, the TY220, was released in 1980. The development of the first Shantui bulldozer was based on Komatsu's D85-18 bulldozer technology. In addition, Shantui's main bulldozer plant was established in the same year. The plant is currently ranked among the leading Chinese manufacturers of earthmoving equipment and construction equipment. The Shantui plant also holds 21 patents from the China National Patent Office.

In 2000, the first T70 bulldozer and the first Shantui DG70 pipelayer, which were independently developed by Shantui, rolled off the assembly line.

The company is headquartered in Jining City, Shandong Province, China. More than 6 thousand people work at the company's factories.

The products of this company are widely known outside China: the Shantui trademark is registered in 122 countries of the world. A wide network of sales and service offices has been established in Southeast Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and Oceania. Shantui also currently has 12 subsidiaries.


Shantui Dozer Lineup

Shantui bulldozers come in a range of small, medium, heavy and extra heavy machines. The operating weight of the equipment sold in Russia is 14-37.2 tons, and the engine power is 95-235 kW.

Shantui bulldozers are powered by Cummins, Steyr, Shanghai, Weichai or Caterpillar turbo diesel engines. The engines are equipped with four valves - each cylinder has two intake and two exhaust valves.

The entire model range of this technology is characterized by a torque converter equipped with an automatic lockup system or a lockup clutch, a Torqflow transmission system, an elastic suspension for a balance bar, as well as a low center of gravity and oil disc brakes.

The Torqflow transmission system consists of a water-cooled, single-phase torque converter, a hydraulically controlled, pressure lubricated multi-plate clutch and an on-the-fly planetary gearbox. With the help of this system, the optimal travel speed is selected, which corresponds to the work being performed, by controlling one lever.

Shantui bulldozers have three forward and three reverse gears.

The middle class cars are equipped with the new hydromechanical power transmission НМТ.

This technique is equipped with a semi-rigid undercarriage system with a rigid attachment of track rollers.

There is a dual tilt blade system, which eliminates the need for frequent gear changes when the load changes.

Shantui bulldozers are manufactured in the following configurations: Standard, Extra-Swamp, Swamp, Desert, Alpine, Forestry, Coal-fired, and Landfill.