Mitsuber Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams


     The company for the production of construction equipment and complex mechanisms Mitsuber GmbH was founded in Germany in Hamburg in 1968. Its success rests on the world-famous German quality and accurate marketing calculation, a rather original way for those days to reduce the cost and prices of products.

Mitsuber was one of the first companies that, in practice, in such a difficult segment of the saturated construction machinery market, combined science-intensive technologies and the use of cheap qualified labor. The source of labor was China, at that time still a little-known country in economic terms.

This circumstance increased competitive opportunities, which had a positive effect on the sales of equipment, including the German Mitsuber wheel loaders, not only to European consumers, but also in the markets of Asia, Latin America and the USA.

The number of those wishing to purchase reliable and high-quality equipment was constantly growing, since only reliable units were used in production, which were the developments of the company itself, and created in partnership with such manufacturers and developers as BOSCH, ZF, DEUTZ, KAWASAKI, CUMMINS, ISUZU. This production strategy remains effective to this day, therefore Mitsuber front-end loaders are considered elite special equipment among specialists and consumers.

Such cooperation of German developers, Chinese manufacturers and components of world brands allows us to create productive and durable machines and constantly increase the model range of Chinese Mitsuber wheel loaders. In addition to front loaders, the company is known for its rollers, crawler bulldozers and graders, high-performance excavators, universal cranes, including tower cranes.


Undoubtedly, the flagship of the front-end loader line is the MITSUBER ML333N wheel loader. This is a high-performance and powerful German machine for leveling and earthmoving and a robot, loading various bulk and crushed materials: soil, crushed stone, rocks, coal, sand, and wood. The ML333N loader possesses the optimum ratio of manufacturing the main units using modern technologies and simple design. This translates into low operating costs and a quick return on investment, even when loaded part-time.

Mitsuber wheel loaders are characterized by high maneuverability, able to work effectively in dense urban areas, in limited areas of industrial enterprises and in residential areas. They hardly pollute the air, are quiet and do not create strong ground pressure.

This is especially true for the medium-duty loader, like the ML333, which is available in various modifications. MITSUBER ML333N has a lifting capacity of 3 tons with a dead weight of 7 tons. It is characterized by high energy saturation and flawless operation of the hydraulic system. The maximum pulling force of the loader exceeds 90 kN.

The front loader is equipped with a four-speed gearbox with two reverse gears. The ML333N loader is operated with levers.

Wheel loader Mitsuber ML333R

A modification of the Mitsuber ML333R front loader with a higher lifting capacity and an increased speed of work processes is very common. The machine is equipped with a basic bucket of 1.8m³, has a lifting capacity of 3.2 tons. It is the most demanded representative of this technique in the Russian construction market.

The base power unit is a Yuchai YC6108G diesel engine with a rated power of 125 horsepower. Diesel, produced in China and is an absolute analogue of the famous German Deutz. To facilitate starting the engines in cold weather, an ether injection system is installed into the cylinders by means of a special electromagnetic valve. During the summer, the system is disabled.

The automatic torque converter transmission provides 4 forward speeds and 2 reverse gears. A control stick, conveniently located under the steering wheel, provides four operating modes for the automatic transmission. Inspection of the gearbox housing is simplified by the presence of side hatches located under the cab. Transparent oil level indicators in the engine and hydraulic system are displayed outside.

The hoist hydraulics are powerful enough to carry out loading operations. The Z-shaped lift mechanism provides a significant breakout force of 105 kN. The working boom mechanism allows the loaded bucket to be quickly lifted to a height of over 2.9 meters. The teeth on the bucket are removable so it is very easy to replace them or convert the loader to a road clearing bulldozer.