Sonalika Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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Sonalika Tractors is a tractor manufacturer based in Punjab, India. It is the 3rd largest tractor manufacturer in India with a production capacity of 3k tractors per year as of June 2017. It manufactures tractors ranging from 20 to 120 hp. The company is owned and operated by International Tractors Limited, the flagship firm of the Sonalika Group. It was founded in 1995.

Sonalika Tractors holds about 11.7% market share in the Indian tractor industry. Sonalika Tractors owns a 70% stake in the company, while Japanese diesel engine manufacturer Yanmar owns a 30% stake. He was selected for the 2017 Champions of Change program hosted by Niti Aayog.


The issue of electrification of agricultural machinery has long occupied the leading manufacturers of tractors and combines. JCB, Volkswagen, CASE, John Deere, MECALAC, New Holland have already presented either projects or working prototypes in this direction. But so far, electric and hydrogen tractors have not entered the agricultural fields en masse. But that will probably change very soon. Indian agricultural equipment manufacturer Sonalika has started series production of the Tiger Electric tractor. It was developed by Sonalika in Europe, in cooperation with European partners who supply an electric drive for it. The innovative tractor is manufactured at Sonalika's vertically integrated tractor manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.


The Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor is not only the first mass-produced electric field tractor in India, but probably also in the world.

The Tiger Electric is equipped with a ZF eTRAC engine. Tractor power 35 hp Battery capacity 25.5 kWh, IP67 rated, natural cooling. From a regular home outlet, it is 100% charged in 10 hours. That is, at the end of the working day, I put it on charge, and in the morning it is again ready for work. There is also a more “faster” charging option, which will allow you to “fill in” energy to full in 4 hours. The maximum speed is 24.93 km/h. The operating time in the field, for which the battery power is calculated, is 8 hours.

According to Indian publications, an electric tractor is economical to use compared to traditional agricultural machines with diesel and gasoline engines. Well, Indian farmers can be congratulated on the fact that the work will become more cost-effective, as they will be able to significantly reduce their equipment costs, and adding the possibility of using solar generation, they will be able to receive almost free electricity.