Krone Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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    The history of the Krone company dates back to 1906.

At the beginning of the last century, Bernard Krone opened a workshop in the village of Spelle, Germany, where horses were shod and agricultural machinery was repaired.


 Today the Bernard Krone Holding GmbH & Co. KG, as its official name, unites four divisions located in Germany and one in Denmark.

In 2012, Krone produced about 27 thousand vehicles. Four generations of Krone founders and owners have been producing semi-trailers, swap bodies as well as trailers and car bodies. An enterprise in Denmark produces trailers.

The Krone range is quite wide and includes Profi Liner and Cool Liner, as well as Box Liner, with which they transport steel and roll paper. Such Krone models as Light Liner, Dry Liner, Fresh Liner, City Liner are no less popular.

The lifting weight of Krone semi-trailers is from 12 to 41 tons. The range of Krone semitrailers includes curtain and flatbed semitrailers, refrigerated semitrailers, container chassis semitrailers, and box body semitrailers.


 Krone In addition to trailed equipment, Krone produces an extensive range of agricultural machinery. Forage equipment occupies a special place in this segment.

 The Krone company is engaged in the production of frontal, rear-mounted, trailed rotary mowers;

 frontal rotary mower-conditioners;

rear-mounted, trailed rotary tedders;

single rotor rakes;

two- and four-rotor rakes;

round balers with adjustable and non-adjustable bale chamber;

large pack balers; tipper trailers with three-way unloading. In addition, there are two models of self-propelled equipment in the Krone model range of agricultural equipment - a high-performance mower-conditioner and a forage harvester, which is recognized as the most powerful in the world today.

Krone also manufactures additional components for equipment, including a programmable microprocessor controller, a noise reduction kit, cooling or heating by means of an engine that operates in fuel saving mode.

Krone The sales geography of Krone equipment is spread over all regions of the world. It is bought in Europe and North America, Asia and the countries of the former Soviet Union. The Krone holding has built a large logistics center in Spelle, three modern supply bases in the USA (in the states of California and Wisconsin). IN

 2012 saw the opening of new Krone sales subsidiaries in Turkey, Hungary and Holland.