Valpadana Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams


   Valpadana was founded by the Stefani family in 1935 in San Martino in Rio, Reggio Emilia, Italy. The main focus of the enterprise was the production of small agricultural machinery.

1954 was a landmark year for the direction of the company's development. Valpadana introduced the A54 motorized mower to the market.

And already in 1959 in the village of Lemizzone, which is located one kilometer from San Martino In Rio, a new Valpadana plant was opened in a solemn atmosphere. And next year, the first serial four-wheeled Valpadana tractor came off the assembly line of the plant.

These were small specialized models for working in orchards and vineyards. Tractor models were so successful that within a few years they became very popular among tractors with small and medium power. The number of workers at the plant was 300 people. The company's turnover reached 40 billion lira, which was approximately 23 million dollars.

In 1966 Valpadana, represented by the Stefani family, with the assistance of the Prandi and Pederzoli families, the S.E.P. The company transferred to the production of lawn mowers, motor cultivators and other motorized agricultural and garden equipment. The company currently employs 400 people and has production facilities in San Martino in Rio.

The next achievement of Valpadana can be considered the creation in 1988 of a tractor with a reversible drive and a control platform that had the ability to rotate through 180 °. Thanks to this, the tractor became much more functional and could work with a wide variety of attachments that are inaccessible to other models. This tractor model has become a new benchmark in small-scale mechanization in the nineties of the last century.

In the early 90s, the Valpadana line of equipment consisted of devices with a capacity of 5 to 80 horsepower. And at about the same time the company entered the international market as a manufacturer of mini-equipment for the needs of agriculture.

In 1995 the company becomes part of the Morra holding - ARGO SpA, through the purchase of Valpadana by Landini, which is part of the holding. The result of the purchase was the beginning of the expansion of the production of compact specialized tractors (series 9500 and Jupiter) with a capacity in the range of 35 - 50 hp.

The start of the new millennium was marked for Valpadana by the expansion of production and the presentation of tractors in seven new ranges.

 In 2003, a new range of tractors valpadana isodiametrici with a reversible drive system appeared. It was the first model with reverse drive in this tractor range.


In 2006, the isodiametric model received new series: 6500 and 6575 with a 4-cylinder turbocharged John Deere diesel engine with 66 hp. equipped with a hydraulic drive. Also this year the world saw tractors of the new 1400 series equipped with a 3-cylinder Perkins engine with a capacity of 26 hp. It is the smallest model among tractors with hydrostatic transmission and reverse drive. 2007. Work continues on the 9000 Series, the top of the Valpadana range of tractors. A new series of tractors of low and medium power - 4500 - was also created.

At EIMA 2008 Valpadana unveiled the first 9600 Series tractor with up to 100 hp. equipped with a 3.3 liter Cummins engine. The tractor is equipped with an electro-hydraulic drive.

At the same time, models with the same front and rear wheels of the 4500 and 6400 series are being intensively developed. In 2009, the VP6600 series comes out with an engine that meets the Euro-3 standard. The VP6400 series comes in the ISM version with 47 and 60 hp.


In 2010, the VP9600 series is launched, with a natural gas engine. This model was awarded at the EIMA show in the same year. The new 4600 series comes out in 2012 with three models ranging from 25 to 47.5 hp.