Lovol Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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   One of the largest Chinese manufacturers of agricultural and special machinery, year after year, brought together leading tractor manufacturers, as well as their brands, under its wing. However, after several years of diversity, the concern decided on radical measures: in 2017, the company changed its name to Lovol Heavy Industry International Trading Co., LTD, and undertook a serious modernization of equipment.


The well-known Foton tractors in our country (as well as “related” brands) have received a technical update and are now entering the European market under the single LOVOL brand.

This is a new generation of Lovol tractors from one of the leading tractor manufacturers in China - the Foton-Lovol company, whose products are widely popular among agricultural producers around the world.


Design features:


Ergonomic design, high quality 105 hp engine provides high efficiency, low fuel consumption, high reliability.

The ergonomic sealed cab provides a comfortable working environment for the operator, is equipped with a rear wiper with washer, radio, beacon, 7-pin trailer connector, interior heater and air conditioning. Panoramic cab glazing provides excellent visibility for better control of all processes during operation.

The cab has a flat floor with a suspended pedal assembly. The gearbox control unit is located on the right side of the console and has a rocker gear shift system. Number of gears: 12 forward and 8 reverse. The gearbox can be equipped with gearshift synchronizers or a creeper, which ensures the optimal selection of gears.

Tractors can also be equipped with a synchronized gearbox with 16x16 gears.

The tractor path can be easily adjusted to adapt to the required row spacing.

The tractor is equipped with a 12-inch diameter clutch from the leading German manufacturer LUK, providing high reliability, a higher torque reserve, smooth gear shifting.

The fuel tank with a capacity of 240 liters will ensure long-term operation of the tractor without refueling.

The tractor is row-crop, it enters the row spacing of 70 cm, while leaving an 8 cm protective zone for plants.

The tractor is equipped with a hydraulic system with a capacity of 72 l / min and a pressure of 70 bar.

The ergonomic and comfortable cab is equipped with air conditioning, extended all-round visibility, and a comfortable GRAMMER seat.