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Full Line ARBOS 2019
Full Line ARBOS 2019
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   Tractors of the Italian brand Arbos.

Let's start the story with a small Arbos 4080F tractor. It is equipped with a diesel engine with a mechanical injection pump - with a capacity of 75 hp, a maximum torque of 310 Nm. The transmission provides 16 + 8 forward gears and 8 + 8 reverse gears. The front axle is connected using an electro-hydraulic drive. The front differential lock is automatic, the rear is mechanical.

The capacity of the hydraulic pump is 43 liters per minute. Base masa - 2070 kg (with ballast - 2170 kg). Wheels: front - 260 / 70R16, rear - 360/70 R24.


The second tractor presented is the Arbos PS100 Global model. The machine is equipped with a 100-hp Common Rail turbodiesel (maximum torque 470 Nm). The maximum speed is 50 km / h, but in economy mode (at 1840 rpm) it does not exceed

40 km / h

Transmission: 30 gears forward and the same backward. The number of Powershift gears is 2. The front axle connects an electro-hydraulic drive. Locking the front and rear differentials also with an electro-hydraulic drive. The capacity of the hydraulic pump is 110 liters per minute. Tractor weight - 4200 kg (with ballast - 4740 kg). Wheels: front - 440 / 65R24, and rear - 540 / 65R34.


And finally, the most powerful Arbos tractor shown at InterAgro 2018 is the PS130 Global. It features a 136-horsepower common rail turbo diesel. The maximum torque reaches 500 Nm. The maximum speed is 50 km / h (in economy mode at 1840 rpm - 40 km / h). The transmission has 30 gears forward and backward. The capacity of the hydraulic pump is 110 liters per minute. Weight - 4600 kg (with ballast - 5140 kg). The front wheels are 380/70 R28 and the rear ones are 520 / 70R38.

The Arbos Rock M2 250/5 mounted subsoiler was docked with the most powerful tractor. The working width is 2.50 m. The number of paws is 5. The distance between the rows of paws is 80 cm. The processing depth is 55 cm. The height of the frame is 78 cm. Base weight is 940 kg; with a skating rink - 1390 kg. Required tractor power - 130 - 170 hp A set of support wheels (2 pcs.), A chisel with an arrow, a double ring roller with a diameter of 360 mm plus 220 mm, side shields are offered as additional equipment.