SDLG Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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     The powerful and compact SDLG LG936L wheel loader is a mid-range multipurpose construction vehicle designed for loading and unloading a variety of materials (mostly bulk). "SDLG" stands for "Shandong Lingong". The product of this particular Chinese engineering and machine-building company is this special equipment.

The SDLG LG936L loader has a fairly high degree of versatility, and its purpose, if desired, can be quite wide. In particular, it can be useful for working on a wide variety of construction sites; in mines; when building roads; to carry out current work at any enterprise, in large warehouses and warehouse complexes, in a sea or river port. Most often, these special machines are used for loading or reloading all kinds of bulk materials: soil; sand; crushed stone, gravel, stones; construction waste. At the same time, SDLG LG936L is involved in solving such tasks as leveling the ground and leveling sites, laying and moving stacks, working with palletized cargo on pallets, towing other equipment. If you replace this front loader with its working device, then it can perform tasks such as grabbing logs and concrete slabs, with their subsequent movement; cleaning mowed grass, snow clearing; loading and unloading of all kinds of block materials.


Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd (SDLG, Shandong Lingong Engineering and Machinery Company) is a large construction machinery manufacturer operating in the People's Republic of China since 1972. The headquarters and factory of this company are located in Linia, Shandong province, China. From the very beginning to this day, the specialization of this company has been the production of special construction equipment: backhoe loaders and frontal single-bucket loaders.

Since 2006, Shandong Lingong has officially cooperated with Volvo. In the same year, it was transformed into a joint Swedish-Chinese investment venture, with the obligatory participation of Chinese state government agencies. In 2007, Shandong Lingong produces special cars made using Volvo technologies - both under its own SDLG brand and under the Volvo brand.


The main features of the SDLG LG936L wheel loader The special vehicles of this model are distinguished by high power of the power unit, decent dynamic quality, high travel speed, small turning radius, and considerable freedom to maneuver. SDLG LG936L loaders are equipped with widely used in the modern market, the proven and reliable BS428 Hanchi gearboxes and Lingong reinforced drive axles, which provide the equipment with exceptional durability and ease of use. The hydraulic control system, with the working element of the single handle with servo drive, the fully hydraulic steering system with load sensing, is characterized by ease of operation and a high degree of reliability. Choosing a large displacement working pump helps to greatly increase the productivity of the truck. The optimization and modernization of the hermetic design of the entire hydraulic line of the machine, carried out during the series production of the SDLG LG936L, significantly increased the practical tightness of the hydraulic system of this loader. Its protection from dust and dirt is really very high.

The analog signal surveillance system applied for SDLG LG936L is simple and reliable. The power management system provides efficient power distribution, while ensuring high stability in the operation of the electric system of the special vehicle. Optimally designed, aligned attachments, combined with high boom lift and high bucket fill rates, ensure consistently high productivity.


Engine and transmission of SDLG LG936L loader SDLG LG936L loaders can be equipped with four-stroke four-cylinder diesel engines of three types:

Deutz TD226B6 (licensed power unit from a well-known German company). This motor has a working volume of 6.2 liters; power of 92 kW, or 125 horsepower. It is equipped with a direct supply of the fuel-air mixture. The cooling system is liquid. The diesel fuel consumption of the SDLG LG936L loader, which is equipped with this Deutz engine, is about 220 g / kW per hour of operation. It is a highly efficient propulsion system that can handle the toughest operating conditions.

Cummins 6BT5.9-C87 (diesel engine manufactured in China developed by the American corporation "Cummins"). Such a power unit has a capacity of 87 kW, or 118 horsepower. Its working volume is 5.9 liters. The diesel fuel consumption of the loader when using this engine option is 202 g / kW per hour of operation.

Yuchai YC6B125-T20 (China). The working volume of this version of the motor for the SDLG LG936L is 7 liters. Its power indicator coincides with the version from Deutz - also 92 kW / 125 hp. from. Nevertheless, it is believed that the engines of the Yuchai YC6B125-T20 model are inferior to the above engine options, both in terms of reliability, and in terms of performance and power. But the price of SDLG LG936L with this purely Chinese engine will be less than with the installed Deutz and Cummins engines. The volume of the fuel tank of the SDLG LG936L front loader, with any version of the diesel engine, will be 150 liters. The quality of the exhaust on special vehicles of this model is no less than compliance with the international environmental standard Euro-3.

The diesel engine of the SDLG LG936L loader operates in a set with a ZF transmission (a licensed copy of the German company) and a Kawasaki hydraulic system (a licensed analog of the hydraulics of a famous Japanese manufacturer). Together, these systems work extremely efficiently, achieving excellent performance. The transmission on this special vehicle has a hydromechanical type, and allows the loader to move at a speed of up to 38 kilometers per hour at the second speed, and up to 14 km / h at the first speed. Also, this hydromechanical transmission has the ability to change speeds without losing power under load. There are two forward gears and one reverse gear (+ crawling speeds). Filters are used to clean the air, which are installed in the air intake and contribute to a more durable operation of the motor, without the need to replace or maintain its units or systems.