Mustang Service Manuals, Fault Codes and Wiring Diagrams

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   Small means of mechanization of loading and unloading, warehousing, cleaning the territory and moving materials in the communal sector are gaining more and more popularity. All these tasks are solved by mini-loaders with various attachments. MUSTANG MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC is a Wisconsin-based company that manufactures mini excavators, tracked loaders and wheel loaders.


MUSTANG special equipment is reliable and multifunctional, the machines have a sufficient power plant, maneuverability, durability, are used to work with cargoes both loose and placed on pallets, cleaning areas in the industrial and municipal sectors, maintenance of the roadbed. Attached equipment allows the use of the chassis for earth and agricultural work, well drilling, in the road sector. Easily aggregated with various mechanisms, the loader becomes a versatile equipment for an industrial, rural farm enterprise, an entrepreneur who owns a small and medium-sized business.


Features of the lineup:

The manufacturer offers 12 models of skid steer loaders. Braking or reversing the rotation of a pair of wheels on one side is an engineering solution that gives the unit high maneuverability.

 9 loaders in the range use radial boom lift, 3 - vertical. The boom of the former provides more efficient digging, and the fewer sleeves, pivots and bushings make it suitable for fast cycle operations. Vertical lifting of the working frame is more suitable for loading transport bins, hitching drilling, grab equipment, giving a greater reach at full lifting height.

High unification of units of various models makes it easy to pick up spare parts, use a rearrangement. Tubeless pneumatic bellows, segment wheels, and cast rubber disks are used in everyday use. For off-road, snow, soft ground, steel or plastic tracks, anti-slip chains are installed.

The mechanical or hydraulic Quick-attach system allows you to change attachments within 1 minute.



Three- and four-cylinder diesel engines manufactured by the Japanese company Yanmar provide: high power with compact dimensions and low weight; exhaust of harmful impurities according to Euro-3 standards; vibration and noise level in accordance with European requirements; reliability and serviceability; economical fuel consumption - at low load 7.6 l / h, at full load –14.8 l / h.


 Hydraulic systems

The diesel engine transmits rotation to the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic system, supplying the pressure of the working fluid to the control unit, hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders, provides movement and maneuvering of the machine, work with loads.



High maneuverability and speed parameters are ensured by a special design of the transmission and chassis, they also allow to develop sufficient tractive effort on soft soils. The servo drive of the hydrostatic transmission improves the operating convenience. The transmission of torque on the wheel axles is carried out from the onboard hydraulic motors by a chain drive. Several tire options are available to suit all jobsite conditions.



The boom of the frame is made in the form of the letter "P", the crossbar on which the grip and the working body are fixed is located in front of the cab. Provides eye contact between the operator and the transported cargo, which is important for working in cramped conditions. The rear ends of the boom side rails are pivotally attached to the frame portal behind the operator's cabin.



MUSTANG mini-loaders are equipped with more than a hundred samples of attachments and additional equipment, including:

buckets with front and side dumping for various volumes;

sawing equipment (circular and chain saws);

grips of fork and grab type;

mechanical shovels;

vibration ramming equipment;

hydraulic hammers and chisels;

dozer-type dumps;

trenchers and graders;

drilling equipment;

small concrete mixers;

brushes for cleaning and sweeping roads.